Food & Dining

A seasoned restaurateur of 35 years, Vincent Cappelletti opened his neighborhood oyster bar and wood-fired cookery in July of 2017 with sheer passion, the help of friends and family (we’re talkin’ hard labor), and with the tenacity that only true restaurateurs possess. Lucas Local is named after his son and the local CT coastline and farms that fuel his vibrant seafood and comfort food menu.

Lucas Local makes its raw bar, open wood-fired kitchen, craft bar a gathering place at home in the charming town of Newtown, Connecticut. This seafood tavern with reclaimed wooden slats underfoot from nearby 100-year old tobacco farms, and an uncovered original stone fireplace, (a remnant from the property’s 17-century-old home), sets the tone for this homey and social food and drink locale.“We brought the space back to its original luster and added our own design elements to drive home the restaurant’s nautical and countryside concept, "says Vince of the archaic boat anchor, hanging oars, moss wall, antique bicycle, and wood furnishings throughout, “We truly made it our own – a place we ourselves would enjoy hanging out in.”

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday-Sunday: 4 pm to 10:30 pm

Patio seating is available.